The DMV Dance Club is an organization established to introduce and enrich communities in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia through social forms of dance.


The DMV Dance Club mission is to promote and engage communities in exercise through social forms of dance by organizing and partnering with other outreach organizations to support its mission. The DMV Dance club will educate communities about social forms of dance and create a competitive spirit through dance.

The DMV Dance Club

Founded in November 2019, The DMV Dance Club is an organization that builds communities thru social forms of dance.  The DMV Dance Club will main focus will be enriching community through dance, supporting community through outreach and building a stronger community of social dancers.

First: Developing a Dance Group. The Showcase Dancers will perform hand dancing demonstrations to organizations, health and wellness organizations an represent the DMV in competitive dance.

Second: Partnering with Outreach Organizations to support the communities. Food Drives, School Supplies, clothing and Food Banks.

Third: Membership in Club. Recruit new members in the Club.  Includes a membership card, newsletter, updates on activities in the community. 




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